About Our Business

At Clemoon, your satisfaction is our top priority.

We search the world to bring you the best jewelry and fashion accessories
available anywhere.

Best value, best quality and best selection.

Come browse our ever-growing collection, inlcuding:
brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, chains,  hair accessories,
belts, cell phone straps, handbag hangars,  Christmas stocking hangars,
decorative spoons and more...

All finely fashioned from:
diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, peridot, citrine, topaz,
turquoise; fresh water pearl, Akoya pearl, Swarovski crystal, sponge coral;
sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and more!

You will find our selection encompasses all styles from  charmingly traditional to
strikingly modern.

With Clemoon, in-style fashion is within reach
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